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Seller Resources
 I am happy to offer you all of the resources necessary to successfully get your home on the market and exposed to potential buyers. My job is to assist you through the process from listing your home through the completion of the sale of your home. I help you consider the important attention grabbers that will maximize your success as well as procure for you the most lucrative offers.

Favorable first impressions are important to make. Within one minute, most buyers will have made up in their minds whether or not they will consider your home, and I am here to offer you many simple, proven steps to help make the most out of the time it will take for potential buyers to make their initial analysis of your home.

Sellers can take advantage of crucial information regarding the choice in agent. Some agents specialize in  assisting buyers, some sellers and some both, and I can help you decide what the best option is for you.

I can offer a variety of options for anyone in the area who may be considering selling their home. I have heard every imaginable question from those concerning website listings to pricing strategies and everything in between.  No question is too simple and I am here to provide you with all of the information available at my fingertips to answer those questions and make you comfortable.

Your Home's Value
A common mistake among sellers is they tend over or underestimate their home’s worth. These types of mistakes can significantly lengthen the time it takes to find a buyer or result in thousands of dollars lost. You don’t have to be included in this statistic!

As a professional agent  I will use a variety of  information in estimating the overall value of your home. Be prepared to answer questions such as the year your home was built and how many square feet it is, as these specifications are required to figure the most accurate value.

Homeowners often have a sentimental attachment to their home, so it’s not unusual when they feel it is worth more than it really is. In reality, it IS worth more to them than the market value, because you cannot put a price tag on memories, however buyers will normally not consider an overpriced home. Therefore, failure to correct this type of error will normally result in your home not selling.

On the flip side, under pricing your home can be an expensive mistake. Every day, under-priced homes cost sellers thousands of dollars, and they often never even realize it.

It is important to note that the estimate you receive will be based on publicly available records and do not reflect a precise value. These estimates are a preliminary point of reference. A more accurate value can be analyzed later, and we would be happy to assist you in making that determination with no obligation.

Sellers Guide To Listing Your Home
Here are the key steps to selling a home and I can help make the process easier.

Step One: Pre-Market Consultation
First impressions count. We've seen thousands of properties, and are uniquely skilled in helping sellers understand what they must do to properly prepare their home for sale. To schedule a pre-market consultation and learn more, click here.

Step Two: Learn Your Home's True Value
Get help in establishing the right asking price based on numbers and facts. Asking too much might ultimately be more costly than asking too little for your property. Our professionally prepared Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is available at no charge or obligation. To request a CMA, click here.

Step Three: Superior Marketing and Complete Regional Coverage
Benefit from the area's strongest marketing programs. To learn how we'll help you click here.

If you have any questions that is what I am here for! Contact me today at (904) 536-2637.

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